Faerie Rituals

How to Celebrate the Changing Seasons With Faeries

If you want to develop a relationship with faeries, you have to meet them on their level. This means you should be paying attention to what’s happening outside. Faeries are nature spirits, and in order to get to know them and work with them, you need to be attuned to the natural world. This doesn’t …

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How to Have a Beautiful Midsummer

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but the days are getting longer. It’s finally warming up where I am. Summer is upon us! Well, summer doesn’t officially start until June 21 (in the northern hemisphere). Which is weird, because we tend to call that time “midsummer”. The Summer Solstice marks the longest day of the …

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Why You Should Celebrate All Hallow’s Eve with Faeries

All Hallow’s Eve Historically, All Hallow’s Eve (Halloween) is the one night of the year that our ancestors could come to visit us. Old-timey pagans would leave offerings for their loved ones who had left the earthly plane. Because this was a tradition for so long, and because so many different cultures believed this, All …

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5 Rules You Need to Follow when Working with the Fae

Should you invite faeries into your spiritual world? They might be a more unpredictable, wilder form of magic than many are used to, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t attempt to work with them. However, there are some reasons for caution when working with the fae. 5 most important rules to follow Faeries will not …

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Celebrate Faery Holidays (the Wheel of the Year)

Faery Holidays If you’re going to work with faeries, you have to be aware of the yearly rhythms in nature. Pagans call this the Wheel of the Year because it’s a cycle that continues from one year to the next. These high holidays are also faery holidays! Old agrarian societies probably followed this cycle too, …

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Fae Stones, a Crystal Beginner Guide

Stones that attract faeries . . . kind of. These are some of the stones and crystals that I have found attract faeries.  Not all faeries are the same.  Some will like only one particular kind of crystal, some won’t like it at all.  I tend to listen to my fae friends when I go …

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The Difference Between Tarot Cards and Why it Matters

I have been reading tarot cards for more than half my life.  I bought my first deck at a Barnes and Noble, brought it home, and read for everyone that I could, which was mostly my friends in high school.  Back in the early 00’s, there wasn’t quite as much information online as there is …

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transform your faery altar

How to Transform Your Faery Altar for Halloween

I have had an altar set up in my apartment ever since I was in college.  It started out as a place to hold scented candles, but has become the place where I charge stones and set intentions.  Changing it every season or holiday is pretty fun; I get to style it how I want …

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honor faeries at mabon

How to Honor Faeries at the Autumnal Equinox

Celebrate the Autumnal Equinox! We are entering into my favorite time of year.  The time of year when the leaves look as though they’ve caught fire, when the forest smells like earth and dampness, when there’s a chill in the air.  It’s the time when you finally break out those comfy sweaters and can’t go …

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