Earth Faeries


Earth Faeries: Gnomes, Dryads, and Elves

In general, earth faeries either work with or are a part of the element of earth. They can be helpful or harmful, tricksters or benign spirits. There are a lot of different kinds of earth fae; I will cover this topic in several different posts. You might not think some of them are earthy and …

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An Introduction to Elements and Elementals

In a former post, we discussed places that you could find faeries.  These are typical places to find elementals.  Elementals are the basic unit of fae.  They come in four distinct groups; earth, air, fire and water.  These were the elements back in classical Greek and Roman times.  Chances are, if you have worked with …

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Changing Seasons: Autumn Nature Walk with Faeries

What makes your heart sing?  I mean what is it that you love more than anything?  Not something that makes time pass, or something that makes you money.  I’m talking something that calls you into present time, builds your awareness, and makes you feel humble and grateful.  For me, this is going out into nature …

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