About Us

About Us

Wondering who the "we" is here at The Everyday Fae?  Look no further!


Ziya Moonbeam

Likes: Laying in sunbeams, belly rubs, canned cat food, literally anything that crinkles.

Dislikes: Chat writing, figurative use of "literally", people who can't tell the difference between "you're" and "your".

Ziya has been living amongst faeries since she was a baby; almost eight years now.  She has more than likely eaten one or two faeries in bug form.  Her human Momma always says that her top whiskers look like faery antennae.  Ziya chases faeries every now and again, and loves to eat any bugs that fly into the house.  She contributes her positive energy by hunkering down on her human Momma's lap, purring, and demanding snuggles by rubbing her cold, wet nose on her human Momma's elbows.  She always alerts the household whenever she sees a faery.

Head Writer

Miss Elppy

Likes: Pineapples, faeries, cats, sunshine.  Also birthday cakes, nature walks, Oxford commas, and coffee.

Dislikes: Losing important items, litter, cold feet/fingers, lights that blot out the stars at night.

Miss Elppy has been interested in spirituality and different practices for more than half her life.  She has lived with faeries for more than ten years and can sometimes wrangle her fae friends into communicating, though it's harder than it seems!  She loves writing and talking about faeries, which has led to the creation of this blog.