Weekly Oracle

 Primary Card

Deck Used: The Faeries' Oracle

Card Drawn: Death

When Death pops up as a card, it does not mean physical death.  Though this shrouded spectre is something that we all fear, look at his hands.  He holds something for us.  In tarot, we are taught that death means something is coming to an end to make way for a new beginning.  That is exactly what it means here.  It is time to let go of the past, of the old ways of doing things, in order to let in the new.  The change can reflect our inner world, the outer world, or both.  It could mean a new job in a new city, or finally releasing that toxic relationship.  There may be much resistance to it, or it could be as easy as slicing pie.  In order to get to that new beginning, we have to bid farewell to the old.

Here we are, in the month of October, the season of Samhain and death.  We need to remember our ancestors, those who have come before us and set our trail.  What lessons can we learn from them; either what to do or what not to do?  Take the lessons they have left you and use them to grow.  Don't go about things the hard way.


Secondary Card

Deck used: Legend of the Divine Tarot

Card drawn: Ace of Coins

This card works in perfect tandem with Death.  The Ace of Coins means a new beginning.  You have something new to invest yourself in; a new opportunity will present itself to you.  Have you released what you need to in order to see this opportunity?  If you haven't, things will not work out.  It will be as fruitful as burying your gold coins in the earth.  What use have the bees and bugs with gold coins?  You have everything you need being presented to you, here and now.  How can you use it best to acquire prosperity?