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May 20: The World

Success. Achievement. Goals realized. This card represents a successful completion of one cycle or stage of life and the beginning of another. Your world is shifting, most likely for the better. Even if it does not feel promising right now, the changes you are undergoing are for your betterment. Have faith; your spirit guides and even the faeries have your back. You can do it! Success is on the way.

May 13: Knight of Swords

Dramatic change. New Perspectives. This card symbolizes that you are ready to expand your mental faculties, whether it’s taking a new class, learning a new skill, or meeting a new person who encourages you to do so. Sometimes this can result in a new conflict; but usually the conflict is a result of rushing forward without all the information. Stop and ask yourself, is there something you do not yet know? Use your logical mind in combination with your intuition and you cannot lose.

May 06: The Journeyman

Adventure. Independence. Travel. The Journeyman is stepping out on his own. This card points to a new fresh way of being. Now is a good time to shake off old ways and relieve ourselves of fear. Consider carefully where you are going. What are your eventual goals? The journeyman is still learning, but has a bright future, so long as we step bravely and honestly.

Previous Weekly Readings

These are all the previous free weekly oracle readings. Take a look back and see if any of them call out to you; maybe that’s the message the faeries are sending to you this week!

October 15: Death

When Death pops up as a card, it does not mean physical death. Though this shrouded spectre is something that we all fear, look at his hands. He holds something for us. In tarot, we are taught that death means something is coming to an end to make way for a new beginning. That is exactly what it means here. It is time to let go of the past, of the old ways of doing things, in order to let in the new. The change can reflect our inner world, the outer world, or both. It could mean a new job in a new city, or finally releasing that toxic relationship. In order to get to that new beginning, we have to bid farewell to the old.

October 8: The Maiden

Stagnation. Lack of joy. This week, your head is in the clouds. You’re practically sailing away. Your dreams have no grounding in reality. Why are you letting fantasy overtake you? It is a good thing to have dreams and fantasies, but you shouldn’t shirk your responsibilities. Quit leaving the dishes in the sink, or letting the litterbox overflow. It’s time to get your butt in gear and pursue some of the things you have let slide over the past week. Don’t worry; faeries love playing as much as anyone! But they also realize when it’s time to work. Now get a move on!

September 24: The Singers of Courage

Be brave. Have strength. Don’t let fear get you down! This week, something that you are worried about is nagging at you. Don’t let the fear stop you from living your best life! Easier said than done, and faeries know this. They suggest you try to forget about the future. Try to live in the moment. See what it is that you need to do, and then do it. Feel free to call upon the Singers of Courage right before that big speech or presentation, or whatever it is that has you so worked up. They’ve got your back!

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