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Magic is Real

Once, you were a small child who believed all things were possible. You used to look at the world with wide, wonder-filled eyes. Life can be so much more if you open yourself up to it. Read More

Faery Holidays

If you’re going to work with fae, you have to be aware nature’s yearly rhythms. Pagans call this the Wheel of the Year because it’s a cycle that continues from one year to the next. Read More

Why “Faery”?

These are some questions that I have been asked. Learn More

Are they calling you?

Faeries enter our lives when we are being called to reconnect with our own intuition as well as nature. If you are able to look at the natural world with wonder and amazement, faeries are probably calling to you. Click the link below to learn how to answer the call. Read More

The Ultimate Fae Resource

Our goal here at the Everyday Fae is to be a resource and guide for those who want to develop a deeper relationship with faeries. Whether you are brand new or a longtime practitioner, we strive to show you different ways that you can honor and invite faeries into your everyday life.

Don’t take it too seriously . . . this is a blog about faeries after all.

Do you believe in faeries? Me too! Let’s celebrate together and have lots of fun, just like our fae friends would. If you already have a connection to faeries, you know perfectly well that you shouldn’t take life too seriously.

The Fae

Often depicted as captivating winged spirits like sylphs or pixies, Faeries exist beyond these mainstream depictions. Our usage of “Fae” stretches to mean pretty much anything that doesn’t belong strictly to our human realm but is “not claimed by angels, devils, or ghosts.” This can include Hobgoblins, Brownies, Boggarts, and many others.

The realm of faeries operates on a distinct plane of existence, often elusive to the human eye. This realm unveils itself sparingly. Some people are able to get glimpses here and there, but most of us have forgotten how to tune in to this special place. The good news is that we can learn how to communicate through the realms; all it takes is an open mind and much practice.

Engaging with this realm won’t materialize a pet dragon on your doorstep, as delightful as that might be. Instead, it could connect you to an awe-inspiring dragon spirit guide or cultivate your bond with the element of fire.

Our aim here is to help you explore and establish these profound relationships with the fae. We believe that these mystical entities serve as teachers of mindfulness and conduits to rediscover our lost ties with nature. So step into our world, open your mind, and let’s begin our journey through the realms of The Fae.

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