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The 6 Rules when Interacting with Different Types of Fae (safely)

Should you invite faeries into your spiritual world? They might be a more unpredictable, wilder form of magic than many are used to, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t attempt to work with them. However, there are some reasons for caution when working with the fae.

5 most important rules to follow

Faeries will not try to become something that they are not. Whatever you believe of faeries, that is what you will attract to you. If you believe that faeries are bright, helpful beings akin to angels, you will attract angelic faeries. If you think that faeries are in league with the devil and not to be trusted, those will be the ones you attract. Personally, I see faeries as mischievous and wise, as helpers and guides. But it is only human ego that would tell me these beings are only here for my comfort.

I’ve laid out some of the most important rules to follow below.

1. Don’t try to figure out a faery’s true name.

Faeries are like outdoor cats. They are known to many different people by many different names. They like to keep it this way, because knowing something’s true name, also known as a magical or soul name, is a powerful thing. Most faeries let us name them or give us a generic faery name. I have one called “Bluie” that hangs around me. I’m sure that is not his actual name, but he answers to it when he is called. It is possible to find out a faerie’s true name by gaining their trust and asking for it, or by other, potentially darker, means.

Knowing a faerie’s soul name can bend it to your will. You could get a leprechaun to give you all of his gold. But this does not enamour a faery to you. In fact, this is where most “demons” come from; it’s faeries who have had terrible experiences and had their free will thwarted by humans. Think about it . . . would you want someone else to take away your free will? Also, your knowledge of a faery’s true name dies when you do. Faeries are more likely to try to kill you off if you are abusing your power. I cannot stress this enough: you don’t want any reason to make any fae pissed at you.

2. Don’t give away your own true name.

Not necessarily the name that your parents gave to you, but the name that your soul is known as. If you ever figure this out, don’t ever tell it to anyone, especially to a being that can claim it can give you riches beyond your longings. Do not fall into this trap; one lifetime worth of power or prosperity is not worth this. This is basically selling your soul. You will be bound to that fae not only in this lifetime, but in all future lifetimes. They can call you into birth from the soul realm at any time, or even send you back if your current incarnation is not suiting them.

The only way to break from this enchantment is to either kill said fae (much easier said than done), bind said fae (which could eventually come undone) or rename yourself (a process that basically starts all your karmic work over as though you were a brand new soul). There’s a reason we don’t remember this information when we’re born, and if you’re ever lucky enough to find it out, don’t give it away.

So, are faeries good or bad? read my other article.

3. Respect a fae’s nature.

You cannot control faeries. While some are more than happy to work with you and share the joys of your life, you may not be able to develop the relationship that you truly want with them. I still struggle sometimes, to understand what it is that they want from me, and I do get frustrated. But I am not about to demand things from them. Lions are a part of nature too, but a rational person wouldn’t walk right up to one and demand to pet it. (This whole faeries are cats comparison really has them laughing.) If you want to work with the fae, you need to develop your awe and respect of them before you can start asking for favors. And honestly, some faeries are tricksters, and will go above and beyond to frustrate your wishes to be sure that you don’t achieve them.

4. Use protection.

Nothing pleases mean faeries more than when mortals are easily confused. (That’s why they hide my keys all the time!) And if you leave yourself wide open to negative energies, those are the ones that will plague you. I love burning white sage; white sage is a powerful tool to banish negative energies and to purify your home. If you don’t like the smell of white sage, you can use cedar, lavender, or paolo santo as well. If smoke bothers you, you can get a diffuser and some white sage essential oil, and purify your space that way. Use selenite or pure quartz to cast a circle and hold the energies that you are using. You wouldn’t just pour water directly into your mouth from a pitcher, because it would probably overflow. Likewise, anytime you are calling energy in, you want to make sure that you have a cup or some kind of container to catch that energy in.

5. Ask, don’t demand.

In general, the fae are a proud folk. They love themselves, in all their temperamental glory. But they can also be extremely stubborn and will revel in human suffering, should said human insult them. Therefore, when asking faeries for help, or asking them to do something for you, use your best manners. Ask politely, always leave an offering, tell them how much you appreciate them. You probably don’t like it when your co-workers, children, or other people in your life come to you and demand that you fix all their problems. I bet if you had magical powers, you’d mess with those people to the best of your ability. The same is true for faeries. They are much more likely to help you out if you are kindly and don’t make demands. Also remember, they don’t follow time like us rigid humans, so you might not get your results right away. Plus, your results might not even be what you are expecting! Keep an open mind, a heart full of gratitude, and be sure to leave offerings for your fae friends whenever asking them for assistance.

6. Always keep your promise.

When dealing with the fae, understand that promises are more than words—they’re golden bonds of trust, and breaking them is like inviting a storm into your life. Just like they have their quirks and proud nature, they value sincerity and integrity in humans. They’ve been around, seen humans at their worst, and trust me, they can be far more stubborn and vindictive if you break a promise. So, when you make one, keep it. It’s like having good manners in their world, just like being polite and leaving offerings. It’s akin to how we dislike it when people around us make demands; imagine how the fae feel when someone breaks a sacred promise!

Now, they might seem unpredictable and your interactions might not get immediate responses—remember, they aren’t bound by our perception of time. You make a promise, you keep it, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll earn their trust and they’ll share their ancient wisdom and otherworldly blessings with you. It’s all about building a relationship, keeping an open mind, showing gratitude, and above all, respecting them and their values. If you can manage that, you’ll find that your journey with the fae can be enriching and harmonious, filled with secrets and mysteries of their enchanted realms.

To wrap it all up:

Just like humans, faeries have their own free will. They don’t always do as asked, especially if said human has not taken time to get to know them or to earn their respect. Faeries, just like humans, are not easily malleable. They will push back. Some do not like humans—DO NOT SEEK THESE OUT. There’s a reason some people think faeries and demons are synonymous; don’t become one of those fools. As long as you protect yourself and make good decisions, you will develop a strong relationship with the fae.

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