Types of Faeries

The 5 Rules when Working with Different Types of Fae

Should you invite faeries into your spiritual world? They might be a more unpredictable, wilder form of magic than many are used to, but that’s no reason you shouldn’t attempt to work with them. However, there are some reasons for caution when working with the fae. 5 most important rules to follow Faeries will not …

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Earth-Type Faeries: Gnomes, Dryads, and Elves

In general, earth faeries either work with or are a part of the element of earth. They can be helpful or harmful, tricksters or benign spirits. There are a lot of different kinds of earth fae; I will cover this topic in several different posts. You might not think some of them are earthy; and …

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Different Types of Fairies Elements and Elemental Fairies

In a former post, we discussed places that you could find faeries.  These are typical places to find elementals.  Elementals are the basic unit of fae.  They come in four distinct groups; earth, air, fire and water.  These were the elements back in classical Greek and Roman times.  Chances are, if you have worked with …

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Dark side of the fae

Evil Fae - The Dark Side of the Fae

Most new-age teachers categorize fae as benign nature spirits.  Indeed, anyone who has read a book by Lucy Cavendish or Doreen Virtue would think that the fae are kindly and good to humans.  This is both true and not true.  On the one hand, there are a lot of faeries who love humans and love …

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Changing Seasons: Autumn Nature Walk with Faeries

What makes your heart sing?  I mean what is it that you love more than anything?  Not something that makes time pass, or something that makes you money.  I’m talking something that calls you into present time, builds your awareness, and makes you feel humble and grateful.  For me, this is going out into nature …

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Are Faeries Good or Bad? What You Need to Know

Are faeries good or bad?  Are they light or dark?  The answer might surprise you. Our planet is a brilliant place.  All of the plants and animals have developed a way to take advantage of it.  You might call it “survival of the fittest”, but I say it’s a beautiful, interwoven fabric.  There are creatures …

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How to Discover Places Faeries Live

Once you start believing in faeries, the first thing you want to know is, “Where can I find faeries?” My answer is always, “Everywhere!” You just have to open your eyes. The most common places faeries live is in natural areas. This could be your local park or even the tree underneath your window. It …

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Fairy vs. Faery; Why Two Spellings?

I’m sure if I were to say to you, “My house is full of fairies,” you might think I mean collectible statues and artwork from the likes of Nene Thomas and Selina Fenech.  Or perhaps you might think that I have a young daughter obsessed with the Disney Tinkerbell movies, and trinkets and toys are …

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