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How to Discover Places Faeries Live

Once you start believing in faeries, the first thing you want to know is, “Where can I find faeries?”  My answer is always, “Everywhere!”  You just have to open your eyes.  The most common places faeries live is in natural areas.  This could be your local park or even the tree underneath your window.  It could be your outdoor garden, or even that one potted plant you have that just doesn’t seem to die no matter how much you neglect it.

Different kinds of faeries live in different places.  Generally, the wilder and less tamed places are where you are most likely to find faeries.  If your lawn and garden are perfectly manicured, you might find some, though their chaotic rules don’t tend to mesh well with our ideas of order.  Sometimes you have to let your hair down and get a little crazy in order to attract the fae to you.

Typically, there are four main places that you might be able to see the fae.

Faeries in Water

These fae can look like anything.  They could be the glimmer of golden scales in the sunlight, or a water bug that makes you do a double-take.  Some faeries will live completely submerged under still waters, or they could spend part of their time in the water.  You might even find one surrounded by the rushing waters of a waterfall!  Keep your eyes peeled when looking through the waters, and you just might be able to see a water faery winking back at you.

Faeries in Fire

Fire faeries can be found anywhere fire or warmth is present.  They come out during bonfires and make the fire pop and sputter.  Sometimes these fae can be gentle and quiet, and other times they can burn up an entire county in their anger.  You can even find these faeries in candles; they especially like birthday candles.  I will admit, I have a hard time with fire faeries . . . I am not particularly attuned to them and I sometimes struggle to get my fires lit.

Faeries in Air

Air faeries are typically anything that can glide upon the air.  Bird feathers, swirling leaves, dancing snow flurries; if it can sway in the wind, it is an air faery.  These can even masquerade as birds, ladybugs, butterflies, or any other winged creature.  When the snow makes snow rollers, that’s air fairies coming out to play!  These kinds of fae are the ones that I have around me for the most part.  They love to come out and play, and they can also be a bit tricksy.  But it’s all in good fun!

Faeries in Earth

Earth faeries are anything that is of the earth.  You can find them directly in the soil, in the roots or bark of a tree, or in mushrooms.  They inhabit the plants that we tend and the rocks that we build with.  These faeries could masquerade as animals as well.  They are especially fond of frogs, toads, caterpillars, and earthworms.  I also have a few of these fae around . . . if you have plants that seem to grow overnight or have given you a bountiful harvest, be sure to acknowledge your earth faery!


If you have a pagan background, or indeed if you ever watched Avatar: the Last Airbender, you will know about the four elements.  They are earth, water, air, and fire, which is the “classification” that I have given to the faeries.  Now, fae do not do things the way that humans do, and they don’t always fit tidily into neat little boxes.  There may be some that fit into all four categories, and there might be some that don’t fit into any.  That’s okay.  We will be delving more into what each “family” of faeries is in future blog posts.

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