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How Can You Find Magic in the Mundane?

Let’s face it.  Everyday life is kind of a drag.  You get up, make some coffee, go to work, come home, maybe do some laundry or play with your kids, and spend the night binge-watching Game of Thrones (I bet you relate to Khaleesi . . . you know you want dragons!).  I bet you wish that there was some way to see the magic in your every day life.  What if I told you that I live a completely magical existence?  You might not believe.  You might think that I’m a little crazy. . . but aren’t we all?

I believe in faeries.  In fact, I more than believe.  I have them living in my apartment.

Do you believe in faeries?

Have you ever seen small flashes of light out of the corner of your eyes?  Do butterflies land on you?  What about when your cat or dog gets that look on their face before they go tearing off through the house?  Those are all examples of contact with faeries.  You might not believe now, not when being an adult (or let’s face it, even a teenager or pre-teen) means you have to be serious.  But why do you have to be serious?  Why is seeing faeries regarded as childish?

I was once told that I needed to put childish notions away.  I’m sure that was what “growing up” meant.  I may have even stopped believing in faeries for a time.  But they want me to believe in them, and they won’t stop showing up in my life!  If you’re here, reading this blog, perhaps that means they want you to believe in them too.

 What are faeries?

Personally, I see the fae as nature beings.  Humans have only recently become “domesticated”, a word I use to mean “viewing the natural world as separate from us”.  Don’t forget that we come from the natural world.  We used to be hunter-gatherers, or even later, we lived in agrarian societies that lived in harmony with the natural rhythms of the world (such as harvest time and planting time).  Today, more and more people are living in cities or even suburbs.  There is a lot of light pollution that drowns out the stars.  Neighborhood associations dictate that your yard must be prim, trimmed, and orderly.  More and more apartment complexes have no views but that of a parking lot.  And I’m pretty sure that more and more of us are feeling completely lost amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life that our society (sadly) dictates is the way that we should live.

The fae are a way to get back to that natural world.  They revel in small parks, in those trendy succulent terrariums.  I mean, there’s a reason that fairy gardening is all the rage right now.  Believing in faeries is one step closer to seeing life as less mundane and more magical.  And honestly, it’s way more fun too.

Don’t be a stodgy adult.

There’s a certain wildness about them, something a bit disorderly and crazy that adults shouldn’t do.  Sensible adults put away these silly beliefs, but that’s not what being an adult is about.  As a millenial, I really get the feeling that so many of us are just “pretending” when it comes to adulting because we want more than just to get by.  We want to do something that we love, we want to follow our passions, and this is where being a little silly and believing in faeries and their magic comes into play.

Faeries can see us, completely and utterly.  They know our authentic selves and they really won’t let us be anything less than truly authentic (sometimes that comes with being socially awkward, as this blogger knows all too well).  There’s a reason that so many young children are the ones who believe in faeries . . . because little kids literally don’t know how to be anyone other than their authentic self, and the fae totally dig it.

 Life is better with a touch of magic.

Do you remember the last time you gazed at something with wonder?  Perhaps it was the Milky Way (not this one tho), maybe it was a super hot Ferrari, maybe it was even one of those cakes they make on The Great British Bakeoff.  Whatever it was, I bet it felt kind of magical.  One of the last things I was truly wondrous about was the day I drove to my last job and the sunrise looked like the sky was on fire.  It took my breath away.

My point is, looking at the world with wonder is what we do when we’re kids.  Whether it is the magical, color-changing hue of bubbles or the patterns that water in a stream makes, we are enchanted by the little things.  What a shame it is, then, to give that up as an adult.  But you don’t have to.

If you’re ready to believe in magic, then exclaim “I do believe in faeries!”

And let’s get started.

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